About Me

The Powderpuff Room began as a promise to take care of myself, to live for the things that make me smile and to remind myself that I am good enough. The first incarnation of The Powderpuff Room was the Blog I started in 2015 where I wanted to share my experience of products, clothes and events that made me happy whilst promoting self love and body positivity.

As my blog has grown and indeed given me lots of reasons to smile, I knew I wanted to evolve this in to something that would make others feel wonderful too. Inspired by the enchanting styles from the 1920s to 1960s, I want to offer a service that makes you feel as beautiful as you are. So from a simple trim to a full vintage up-do, I want to make sure you feel pampered and looked after. Lets add a little touch of that vintage magic with a visit to The Powderpuff Parlour.

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